Eric sank his right foot down.  The Mustang rumbled loudly as it rode over the abandoned streets leading to Ransom, city center.  The grass, mowed down in four inch strips, lead to the cracked asphalt of Michigan Avenue.  

Michigan Avenue was littered with cars.  Most were pushed out of the way by heavy machinery used to combat the Hunger years ago.  Erik drove through the chaos.  He watched the Hungry human monsters lumber toward him.  He finished a can of warm beer and tossed from the window.  He watched as it struck a sleepy, Hunger infected, teenager.  The creature looked at Erik, growled, then tripped and fell over a chunk of concrete.  Erik laughed… hit the brakes and slid into another infected woman.  Within moments, two more appeared and pounded on the back of the Mustang.  

“Hey, get off my car, jerks.”  Erik hit the gas and turned the wheel.  The woman slid from the hood leaving a dent in the hood.  

“Look what you did!”  He shouted as three more began to walk toward the car.  “You wrecked my car!”  

Erik stopped the car and searched the back seat.  Tucked into a corner on the floor was a shotgun.  Erik stretched as an older man approached the open driver’s window.  

“Come on, now,” Erik said to himself.  

He stretched till he felt the sharp, knife-like fingers of the Hunger-stricken man.  

“Get the hell away from me,” Erik snapped as he sank his hands into the man’s skull.  The brain material underneath was warm and soft.  Erik fought the urge to throw up.  He tightened his fist and yanked.  The old, Hunger-stricken man fell then disappeared beside the car.  

“My god, that’s gross,” he said as he tried to wipe the gore from his hands.  He then reached back and grabbed the barrel of the shotgun.  Several other infected approached but were stunted by the old man lying on the ground.  Erik fired once.  The blast knocked both to the ground.  The infected  jerked the steering wheel to the left and swept another infected man off it’s feet.  

Erik opened another can of warm beer.  Pulled off the road and headed for a long, abandoned storefront.  

“Willies!”  He shouted.  He punched the gas.  He flung the Mustang around in the tall grass making donuts then straightened the wheel and raced to the broken parking lot of the shopping center.


Willie’s was in the center.  A pharmacy was on the right and a grocery store was on the left.  Erik was never hurt so he didn’t need the pharmacy and he ate anything he could along the way.  

“It was a part of living in this hell hole,” he thought.  Willie’s was a liquor store and Erik was short on supply.   Erik parked the Mustang near the front door of an abandoned store and turned off the engine.  He climbed over the driver’s seat and opened the passenger door.  A lock held the doors of the store tight.  Erik reached into the Mustang and retrieved a key.  He unlocked the chains and opened the door.  


“The crappy food, the crappy service.  It was the worse store I’d ever been too but they still have, top shelf liquor,”  Erik said as he stepped into the store.  Dust covered everything from the shelves to the leftover merchandise, to the floor.  He stepped over a broken chair and around a metal shelf that had fallen over.  “It had been so long since anything moved in this place.”  He thought and followed a familiar trail of footprints.  

“I found this a week ago,” he told the empty store.  “You saved all the liquor for me?”  

He walked to the right and found an aisle full of canned foods.  Erik found a can of beans and a can of fruit then headed toward the Service Desk.

“Now I need a damn can opener,” he thought as he approached the shelves of liquor.  Erik picked up a dusty bottle of whiskey and turned.  A noise, inturupted his thoughts.   

“Hello?”  He said and it echoed through the large empty room.  “Willie, is that you?”  

Erik jumped as several meaty hands slapped the large picture window in the front of the store.  Erik set the cans of food down and stared at the infected.  His heart clawed at his throat.  A pair of young adults slapped and scratched at the think, slime-covered glass.  “Glass doesn’t seem to last long around here,” he thought and searched for something to put in front of the window.  


Matthew R. Stitt

The church basement was dark but dry.  Sean walked through the darkness till he dumped over something but it clattered loudly over the floor.

“What the fuck, man!”  Sean’s brother Andrew whispered through clenched teeth.  “Are you trying to bring them down here.”  He added.

“Dude, we’ve been down here three god-damn days.  I’m thirsty and hungry.  I thought you had a plan to get us out.”

“You’re going to have to wait for it, Sean.  My plan is working.”

“What!  Are you kidding me,” Sean replied as he stepped up to Andrew.  “Are you waiting till they leave?  Is that your fucking plan?”

“No, that ain’t my plan, man.  Are you fucking nuts.”

“Then what’s your plan?”

“We wait for an opportunity.”

“Are you serious?  That’s no different the no damn plan.”

“Shh.. I think someone’s coming.”  The Baker brothers listened as the vampire walked above them.  Without the…

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Who is Gabriel?

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Matthew R. Stitt

A monstrous flying creature pushed through the sky.  He was more bird-like than the rest of the vampire clan in the area.  He still had attractive human features in his face, although his jaw was elongated to make room for the larger canine teeth.  His chest and arms were human but the rest barely resembled anything human.  His legs were thin and covered in hair.  Large wings hung over him as he flew over the steel structures that were home.  Gabriel used his legs and feet as a rudder to steer him through the air.

The area around Ransom belonged to Gabriel and his merry band of vampire.

“Most of the others are idiots,” he thought as he watched a group feasting upon the zombies below.  The zombies had become a delicacy for the vampire, even replacing the human prey at times, but at a price.  The oxygenated blood and…

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Matthew R. Stitt

The tiger woman introduced herself as Mrs. Sayomi Menonx.

“Excuse me, is there anywhere to sit down,” she asked.

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Menonx,” Lou shoved a stack of law books from a chair then placed the chair behind the woman.

“Call me Sayomi.  I killed my husband.”

“Now how did you do this?”  Asked Lou.

“A shovel to the face then I beat him till he stopped moving.”  Lou watched Sayomi’s face as it struggled to stay put.  Her large nose wiggled slightly and her eye shifted then returned the gaze.

“This is not an investigation, just confess to the police?” Jed said.  He picked up the chair and moved it closer to the woman.  Sayomi ignored the comment and stared at Lou.  Her gaze caught him by surprise.

“We will take the case, Sayomi.”

Without a thank you Sayomi stood, brushed off her short black skirt and turned.  She began walking…

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Erik stared out the charcoal colored windows.  He watched as the two zombies fought as shadows in front of the falling sun.  One of the zombies stuck the window hard and Erik leapt into the passenger seat.  He expected to see a busted window but the zombie only managed to clear a section of the window with his face.  The other zombie held it against the glass.  Pulled back and smashed it again.  Erik watched as the zombie blinked then its face disappeared from the window.  Erik waited barely 30 seconds and then crawled forward to the driver’s seat and looked through the window.  Erik opened the door inches when the edge of the door was grabbed and pulled hard.  Erik grabbed the leather bridge that stood over the door handle and pulled the door back toward him.  A zombie growled near enough to his face to make him hesitate and the door flung open wider.  Erik screamed as the zombie let go of the door and leapt at him.  Erik disappeared into the small car.  With skills, unknown to him, Erik squeezed his large frame over the front seats and into the back seat.  A rancid liquid sat below the gory ribs of a body.  Erik wretched when he looked down and stood up within the small rounded car.  The zombie appeared at the door of the Volkswagen.  It’s face peeled from the bone.  Erik suddenly remembered they could not see and stood like a statue.  He pushed his back into the roof.  The rancid liquid within the seat ran over his shoes.  Erik stared at what was left of the body below him and recalled the sight of his child on the ground, helpless as Erik stood staring out the window of his house.  His wife screaming but it was too late for Susan.  She had already died.

The scene played in his head several times.  The zombie clawed at Erik with worn fingers.  The bone bursting from the tips of the fingers. Erik avoided the fingers and stayed quiet.

Erik’s knees burned and he felt his feet slipping from the edge of the seat.  The zombie took another swipe then stepped from the driver’s side door.  Erik waiting for several minutes then shook the liquid from his shoes.  He stepped into the front seat and carefully looked out into the area around the Volkswagen.  The sky had become dark.  The zombie lumbered forward toward where the others had been.  Erik stood behind the door.  He looked behind him and saw nothing.  He looked forward to see a group of zombies bumbling past the cars.

Erik shook his shoes off and left then outside.  Erik then carefully closed the driver’s door and locked it.   He then took his shirt and covered his face.  It barely removed the stench but Erik fell asleep very quickly.

Hard boiled – Saint and Company

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Matthew R. Stitt

“See, I just poofed my candle on.”

“That’s preety cool, Lou.  Can you make it bigger?”

“Are you serious?  Is that all you think about it that and the woman you use it on?”

“Dude, think what I can do.”

“Stop that thought.  I just saw a woman pass by the door.  I think she we come back around.  Probably lost.”

“I can find her for you, Lou.”

“No, sit your sick ass on the seat and shut up.  I will find her.”

Louis Saint stood from behind his desk. Books, cups and beer cans fell from his desk.  He stepped over the trash and around his desk to the door.  He opened the and stepped out into the dim, lit hallway.

She stood twenty feet from him and cupped her hands over the dirty glass of the door next door.  A beautiful woman, far surpassing the dingy apartment slash…

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The zombies marched forward as the prisoners ran.  Erik could see an opening as a zombie marched forward and turned toward the group. He pointed and headed for the opening.  The zombies seemed to noticed the opening and began to close up the gap.  Erik escaped, without any issue but the hungry arms and hands of the infected slapped at Andrew and Jean.  Sean, trailing near the back pushed his way through the group but was swept from his feet.  He fell hard upon the ground.  Needles pressed hard into Sean’s back and he grunted.  An ugly, bruised face stood over him.  The eyes painted white and the nose flattened against its face.  Sean noticed the zombie’s teeth were perfectly sculpted canines just before he was pulled from under the group.  Andrew and Jean pulled Sean by the ankles into the ditch that they stood within.  Erik lay in a crumpled mess near them.  He held his ankle, twisted from the fall into the ditch.

“What the hell, Sean.”  Andrew prodded with a smile.  “Screw you, ass,” replied Sean as he stood.

“What are we going to do with Erik, the Butcher?”  Sean asked.  Erik held his ankle and rocked back and forth.  “I say we leave him to be eaten by the creatures he created.”

Erik stopped rocking immediately and struggled to stand.  He used the other end of the ditch to help him up.

“Fuck you, I didn’t create this damn situation.”  Erik stood on his good leg.  “I was just the point person for the whole crappy situation.  I was the main scientist and a fuck’n paper pusher.  The media made… “

A zombie fell into the ditch behind him.  It slid toward Erik forcing him to hop forward.  Other zombies followed suit and fell in dramatic fashion into the ditch.

“Move up the ditch,” shouted Jean as he fought off a long limbed zombie that quickly recovered from a head over heels tumble.  Sean and Andrew stepped quickly leaving Erik to struggle up the incline.  The pain radiated from his ankle, up his right leg, and into his hip.  A zombie rolled down the ditch and under Erik’s feet.  It quickly grabbed at Erik’s feet and tripped him up.  Erik pleaded for help as the others disappeared into the asphalt.  He kicked hard, with his right foot connecting with the zombie’s face and screamed in pain.  Another zombie walked from the left as Erik tried to walk up the incline backwards.

“Get the hell away from me.”

The zombie below Erik grabbed his right ankle.  The pain was immediate and Erik screamed.  Erik pulled but it was like having your ankle stuck in a fence.  Erik jerked his foot several times.  The sharp pain shot up like flames.  Erik pulled but the zombie persisted till his ankle snapped and the pain all but disappeared.  “Holy crap,” Erik turned and climbed the incline.  The pain miniscule.  Jean stood above him.  The other two black men were nowhere to be seen.  Jean offered his hand but Erik refused.  “Thanks for the help,” Erik snapped.

Erik stood upon the asphalt of this former city artery.  The plant life overwhelmed the metal vehicles and the asphalt beneath his feet.  The zombies struggled to stand as others fell into the ditch.  The muscles in their legs struggle to combat the fatigue as the heart struggles to pump blood.

“What are we going to do?”  Asked Sean.

“You know for a hunter you ask a lot of questions.”  Andrew replied as he watched a zombie crawl up the ditch.

“Fuck you, Andrew.  Like you know what your fuck’n doing.  You got us arrested.”

“Shut up, panty-piss.”

Sean pushed Andrew backward.  Andrew stepped forward to push back but Jean stepped between them.

“Hey, hey you two better settle you down.  We do not have the time for this.”

Along the ditch many of the zombies had figured out it was easier to crawl upward then stand.  The increased effort zapped the energy from the bodies but increased the rage within them.  The bodies were starved of blood.  The heart, unaware of the condition of the body, pushed as hard as it could.  The oxygen-rich blood within the living would recharge any of them.  This pushed the zombies forward and toward the four humans arguing.

Sean turned from Andrew and kicked a zombie crawling up behind him.  The zombie twisted down the ditch and settled along the bottom.  It’s neck twisted to the side, it stopped moving.

“Dude, I killed it.”

“Good job,” Andrew spat.  The scream of a young girl caught their attention and they turned in unison toward the noise.  The noise was entwined within the road, steel and plant life ahead.  Erik left the group and slowly opened up a small yellow Volkswagon.  The sweet, pungent smell of death pushed outward into Erik’s nose, causing him to cough.  Inside the car Erik found a large black duffel bag.  Inside the bag Erik found a baseball bat, a change of clothes that was too small for him and a bottle of whiskey.  Erik pulled the bottle from the bag and twisted open the cap.  He looked up at the tired sun as it began to fall from the sky and took a large swallow of the warm liquid.  It scratched as it fell down Erik’s throat but it electrified him.

“This is heaven,” he thought.

Something fell hard against the back of the Volkswagen and Erik nearly dropped the bottle of whiskey.  He noticed the others had left him and stood fifty yards away.  The zombies stood waiting for them.  Erik turned.  A large zombie stood unsteady behind him.  The creature was overweight and a gash leaked blood from his right side.  The zombie screamed and fell forward.

Erik screamed and jumped out of the way.  A second zombie stood waiting for him and wrapped two broken arms around his chest.  The right arm was broken just above the elbow.  The skin and muscular tissue darkened and was ripe with infection.  The left arm bore black necrosis scars and the skin was tough and leather like.

Erik leaned forward.  Took an awkward drink from the bottle of whiskey.  He dropped the bottle onto the concrete.  The bottle fell, tipped and began to spill.

Erik shouted and struggled.  He pushed at the arms of the zombie but they held him tightly.  The necrosis seemed to make this fight more disgusting and not any easier to Erik.  Erik felt the hot breath of the zombie behind him.  Then the pin-like scraping of teeth on the back of his neck.  Erik threw his head back but it only met the hard bone of the zombie.  The pain only struck Erik.  The fat zombie approached as Erik struggled.

“Stay away from me you fat piece of rotten meat.”  Erk said as he sunk downward.  The zombie lost its grip but then regained it high up Erik’s chest.  Erik could smell the infection.  He could see the pustules and the gore around the arms.  Erik went back to the unusual strength of the zombie just before a rush of adrenaline struck his body.

Erik thrust his left shoulder forward and bent down.  The zombie followed suit, leaving the ground beneath it.  The zombie was taller than Erik.  The attempt was futile till the overweight zombie grabbed at Erik’s head.  Erik avoided the grab then stepped forward and pushed the zombie, on his back into the overweight zombie.  The overweight zombie fell backward and instinctively grabbed a hold of something.  He caught the worn shirt of the zombie then the shoulder.  The momentum pulled the zombie from Erik’s back as he sank to his knees then belly.  The gangly legs of the zombie attempted to stand but Erik’s body beneath him prevented it from standing up.  Erik slid from the bottom of the pile and stood up.  He stared at the mass in front of him.  The black, leathery skin and gore wrestling to stand up but failing to realize the other zombie was trying to do the same thing.  Erik turned to run but noticed other zombies approaching quickly.

With the door of the Volkswagen still open Erik leap into the driver’s seat and locked all the doors.  He sat across the two seats to avoid the windows but that quickly began uncomfortable.