Power of Light

Posted: December 12, 2014 in City of Zombies
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Erik watched as the zombies approached.  The three sirens stood, side by side, in front of Erik, Jean and Brittany.  Brittany step forward, her hoofs clapped upon the floor.  Jean, the Haitian, stopped her and all three watched.  The sirens raised their hands simultaneously and chanted.  The thoughts of anything normal disappeared quickly from Erik’s head as he recalled his simplistic lifestyle outside of the walls of this insanity.  “What is going on?”  He asked Brittany as she stood above him.  She looked forward entranced by what was happening.  Erik followed her gaze and noticed the edges of the light from the elevator begin to fade.  The small lines where the pale light met the shadow suddenly disappeared.  The light then began to fold inward leaving the shadow stained upon the walls.  Slowly as the light peeled from the walls it formed large cylindrical fingers that began to curl around the zombies.  This hand of light closed slowly leaving few zombies trapped within it’s grasp.  They milled around unaware of anything both blind and too dumb to try to escape.  The fingers of light grew and curled till the zombies all but disappeared within the grasp.  The siren’s chanted louder and the fingers tightened the grip and easily crushed may of the zombies.  Outside of they miracle of light the other zombies quickly approached Echidna and shoved her to the ground.  Immediately, the fingers dissolved.  The seam along the shadow instantly returned and the remains of the zombies fell to the ground.  One zombie survived the crushing grip and began to crawl toward the group.  Most of its internal organs had been crushed and it’s arms barely held it up but it’s brain stood unharmed.

Echidna fought with the zombie.  Her green eyes tracing marks within the darkness.  From down the hall the other green-eyed guards began to shout and raced toward them.  Erik grabbed the zombie.  It wore a dress, badly, but enough was there to grab onto.  Erik hauled the zombie over the head and body of Echidna and threw it down at his feet.  The zombie immediately surged forward and attempted to grab Erik’s ankles.  Erik leaped back and grasped the chair leg with both hand.  He shoved the broken end of the leg into the zombie’s face but did not kill her.  Blood pooled under what was left of the zombie’s face.  It still tried to bit with the muscle and skin left functional in it’s face.  Erik stomped hard upon the head causing the soft putrified skull to collapse.  The zombie immediately stopped leaving Erik’s simple shoes covered in rotten goo.  While Erik fought the zombie Jean and Brittany stepped forward and fought the other three zombies.  A shot rang from the hallway and Brittany’s left shoulder jerked backward.  She fell backward and sank against the wall.  Another shot missed the group entirely and they quickly retreated behind the corner.  Siren, the third of the three witches cast a ball of light upon her right hand and tossed it into the hallway where the guards were running within.  A burst of light erupted and the three guards screamed.  Erik and Jean stepped forward ready to fight but found the three guards writhing in extreme pain.  The sirens stood upon their serpent legs and slid toward the  stairwell door.  Erik noticed they had cloaked most of their faces with large brown hood.  “Oh, great we have magic monks,” he said with a smile as he stepped over the zombie that had escaped the fingers of light.  It tried pitifully to grasp at anything but it’s arms had been shattered.  Jean helped Brittany to her feet.  Both tussled verbally over the shoulder wound.  “Hey, you two,” Erik shouted.  “You wanna get married we can do that later.  We have to find Kali before freak Gabriel turns her into some crazy Eve thing.”  Jean let go of Brittany as his large wings fell slightly.  “Shut the hell up Erik,” he shouted as he turned toward him.  “Woh.. woh there winged guy.  I was just joking.”  Jean pushed past Erik and disappeared into the stairwell followed by the sirens.  Brittany followed behind Erik slowly.  “You alright?”  Erik asked.  “I’m fine, leave me alone,” Brittany replied.  Erik noticed the guards laying just before the stairwell doors.  Their four-foot serpentine legs wrestled with the air but above the waist they lay still.  They seemed effectively dead.  Erik disappeared into the light of the stairwell and then said.  “What was that?”

The three sirens easily maneuvered up the stairs.  Smoothly ascending upward.  They ignored Erik’s comment and quickly disappeared up the next flight of steps.  “Which floor we heading to again, brother?”  Erik said while patting Jean upon the wings on his back.  “Twentieth floor, prison floor.”  Jean responded with a shout, terse reply.  Erik then let Brittany step forward and he took the rear.  He watched as the blood stained her white blouse.

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