The Nest

Posted: December 24, 2014 in City of Zombies
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Erik stood in the middle of a revolution.  The survivors within the cages bolted toward the other vampire.  Many fell immediately.  The hopeless patter of lesser humans to the over-powering vampire.  Erik watched from behind as Jean, the Haitian fought viciously.  Even he, the barer of virtue, would accidentally behead a survivor that stepped within his path of rage.  The vampire within the city seemed full of rage.  Very much unlike the Bela Lugosi lore that romanticized them.  These vampire relished the destruction and the all out blood that it was to be a vicious monster.  Suddenly, Erik knees gave from under him and he fell backward.  He hit the floor hard and his teeth crunched.  Above him stood a young woman, eleven-years old, and ready to kill him.  The last thing he saw was Kali growling then the world disappeared into darkness.

Erik woke up.  He was bound and trapped within a small steel closet.  The air smelled moist and water seemed to drip from everywhere.  Erik’s head throbbed.  The little hair he had upon his head was mashed into tight patches of blood.  The dried blood pulled his hair as he tried to stand.  A window, the glass thick and dirty, began at his jaw and went up about two-feet.  Erik could make out large winged figures walking around outside.  He could hear the chatter of, what sounded like, hundreds of vampire.  His head rang and he fell backward against cold concrete.  Pipes and small things began to fall around him making an eruption of noise the made him shake.  The door to the closet suddenly opened and he was bathed in light.  He squinted and turned as he tried to readjust his eyesight.  Two large, blurry figures grabbed him and pulled him from the darkness.  He stumbled forward but they caught him.  They stopped to allow Erik to regain his footing then urged him to step forward.  As Erik’s vision returned he found that the two figures were dressed in an outlandish red uniforms.  Black rows of feathers lined the edges of the uniform and a large, tailored hole near the wings revealed a muscular back that would make any weightlifter jealous.  The wings of the vampire were straight and never moved as they lead Erik to a tall metallic staircase.  The staircase was too thin for the uniformed guards to walk beside him so they gently pushed him forward as they walked single-file behind him.  Erik scanned the new environment while he walked.

He was no longer within the office building.  He guessed he was now below ground.  The iron structure of the large room was something he had seen in many movies as a kid.  It was usually the setting of a railway of some type, but underground.  The light, bright as is was when he was pulled from the closet was dim and tinted red.  Emergency lights near the corners of the room provided some light but the main source of light seemed to come from the center of the room were hundreds of vampire milled around wooden shacks that held clothing and food.  Erik stopped abruptly and the vampire behind him shoved him, unintentionally.  “Wait a minute.. wait a minute.  What the hell is this?  I see human food down there not blood and guts.  Isn’t that your staple of utmost desire?”  Erik turned and stared at the two guards.  Their red uniform tied up nicely to large black collars that covered half their faces.  Their faces where long and skinny to hold the incisors that populated their large mouths.  Their demeanor was unusually kind.  “We are not the monsters from the world above,”  one of the guards said as he pointed toward the iron ceiling above.  Erik looked up and followed the steel staircase and it wrapped around a large circular room.  “Where the hell am I?”  Erik asked.

“You are in the Nest,” said a symphony of words behind him.  The words, themselves seemed to pick him up and turn him around.  The expectation was so wrong about the beauty he saw when he set his eyes upon the queen of the Nest.


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