Simple Humans

Posted: March 26, 2015 in City of Zombies
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A vampire leapt from the building and fell toward the survivor’s.  Erik saw it and instantly recognized it was heading to hit the group.  “Separate!”  He shouted loudly and pushed Patrick forward.  Patrick looked up and saw the vampire falling toward them.  He turned and screamed at the group.  Slowly, the group separated into two halves but the vampire swept up a large man, with a camouflaged vest and pants.  The man fought bravely and the vampire released him but fell into a group of infected.  Unconscious from the fall the man had no chance and the group lost another member.

“We need to get into that building,” shouted Erik.  The Haitian stepped away quickly and rose into the air.  “I will cover you.”

“Run!”  Erik shouted.

Both groups ran toward the closed doors of the Fields building.  The first ones to the door attempted to open the doors but they were locked and chained.

Erik followed and banged on the door.  “Crap.”  He watched as the vampire circled above him.  The Haitian stuck out with his large black wings and tall frame but the others, the good or bad, were undecipherable.  It was similar to a ballet of bird circling prey below.  The door had a thick sheet of plywood nailed to the foundation.  “They have to get in somewhere,” shouted Erik as the others around him began to fight a new horde of infected.  “They fly in,” added Patrick but Erik ignored him and ran along the wall of the building.  A tall zombie fell upon him and Erik collapsed under the weight.  His was crouched on the ground as he fought the ugly, long, blood-stained arms.  He could see the others approach but Erik didn’t have time to wait for them.  Erik pushed his feet out from under him and shoved the zombies ankles backward.  Erik heard a loud snap and then the beast fell upon him.  With it’s teeth and grabbed a mass of t-shirt and began to bite.  Erik shoved the zombie to the right where a young woman, just over Kali’s age, stabbed him in the side of the head.  Erik thanked the young woman and stood as she followed.  He shoved another zombie backward and it tumbled into others.  The young woman followed Erik.  Erik found and emergency exit and pulled but it was also locked.  “I wish you wouldn’t follow me,” Erik said as he avoided the grasp of another zombie.  The young woman allowed the zombie to fall forward and spiked him through the back of the neck.  “I’m a lot better then my looks will show,” the young woman replied.  “I know,” Erik said, “you should be home playing with dolls.”

The young woman then grabbed Erik by the back of the shirt forcing him to fall backward.  His head struck her leather covered feet.  “I heard about your honest, forceful reputation,” she spat from above him.  “I’m hear to tell you I can take care of myself.”  She then removed her feet from the back of Erik’s head and approached a group of zombies with a hatchet.  Within moments she dispatched the group and they lay quivering upon the ground.  “Ambrosia,” shouted Patrick as he approached.  “What did you do?  Are you alright Erik?”

“I’m fine Patrick.  She just put me in my place.  Ambrosia, you say?”  Erik then extended a hand and shook.  “I didn’t mean anything, offensive.”  He whispered.  Ambrosia smiled at Erik and turned.

The entire group followed Erik into a thick brush behind the building. The zombies struggled to maneuver through the close-knit trees but it was also harder to fight them without the room.  They lost three more soldier leaving only ten.  Three women and seven men fought behind Erik as he pushed through the trees in the hopes of finding a back door to the high rise.  Darkness began to creep up upon the survivors as two more fell.  Finally, after battling through the trees and entrance appeared but it was guarded by a large muscular beast with long twisted horns upon his bloated body.  “What the hell is that?”  Patrick said as he approached.  “Shh…shh,” Erik replied quickly and accentuated with his hands up and toward the group.  “It’s a frick’n Minotaur.”

“Are you serious,” Patrick whispered.  “Yeah, the thing rushes like a football player.  It’s strong as crap but I believe it is really stupid,”  Erik urged the group to split up and stay within the trees.  The zombie were still a problem but the Minotaur would kill a lot faster.  To make matters worse the green-eyed snake creatures appeared also.  “I don’t know what they are,” Erik whispered before Patrick could ask.  He looked up into the sky to see the sun had disappeared behind the building leaving long tree-like shadows.  “But if they have the same powers as our friend Siren we are in trouble.”

The guards were unaware of the group until Erik shouted and they all ran from the trees.  Nine simple humans against monsters.

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