Intake – Revision 7- Edit 2

Posted: August 21, 2015 in Monster Hunters

Erik shivered in the fall chill as the van door opened. Two guards, dressed in black, grabbed Erik by the shoulders and shoved him forward.  Erik stumbled.  His feet tied together with a short chain clanged as Erik stepped forward.  The chain from his ankles rose up his back and wrapped around his waist.  

Erik stepped forward and waited as another guard lead him to a row of prisoners. 

“Put him next to the others.”

An overweight man dressed in black shouted.  Upon the man’s shoulders was a pair of red straps that identified him as Sergeant of the Guard.

Erik and the two other guards walked to a line of other prisoners.  They stood in front of a long, double walled fence.  Wrapped throughout the fence was razor wire.  The guards placed Erik between an older white man and a pair of young black men.  Next to the older white man was an eleven-year old girl.  Erik attempted to resist.  The sight of a young child just chilled him.  The guards clubbed his legs with night sticks causing him to fall to his knees.  The chain connected to his neck pulled back causing him to moan as his muscles strained.

The other prisoners stepped to the side as the guards lifted Erik and placed him within the line.  A third guard stood behind the line of prisoners and connected Erik to the others via a long chain.  The guards turned and stepped away. 

“I don’t know why they couldn’t just put you inside the walls by your damn self.  The only thing keeping me from kicking your ass is this chain.”  The old man whispered.

Erik heard the words but stared forward.

“Erik, the Butcher,” taunted the black man to his right.  “Murderer of how many people now, one hundred thousand?  You’re lucky my brother and I didn’t find you.  You won’t be standing here in those chains.  I’ll tell you that.”

Erik stirred.  “I didn’t do anything,” he said after several moments.  

“I didn’t do anything!!”  Erik repeated loudly.  The BlackAdder guards ignored him and milled around in front of the prisoners.  The Sergeant stood with others around a camouflaged truck.  Twenty prisoners stood outside the walls of Ransom Infected Housing and Containment (RIHC).  The walls of the containment center contained an infection that ravaged the human population five years ago.  Erik was a lead scientist and took the brunt of the blame for the breach when an explosion released the hybrid infection into the air around the city.  The containment area was built around the city of Ransom to stop the infection from bleeding into the adjacent cities.

“Alright, alright,” shouted the Sergeant through a funnel-like megaphone.  “We have processed all the prisoners we can now start sending them through the gate.”

The guards stopped milling and created two rows.  One guard stood behind another till they formed two rows.  The Sergeant stood in front of the formation and gave instructions.

“There are twenty prisoners.  In groups of three we take will take five prisoners and walk them to the gate.  The gate will open and those three guards will lead the prisoners fifty yards into the containment zone…” 

From above everyone’s head a barrage of bullets fired at once.  The guards all ducked followed by the prisoners. 

“Who, the hell, fired the auto guns?  Can we have some discipline here,” The Sergeant stood and shouted at a covered tent area near the large front gate. 

“Erikson, kick their asses,” The Sergeant ordered the guard next to him and pointed toward the tent.  The large guard ran toward the tent.  The prisoners stood and Erik looked out toward the city.  The fence was steel and chain-linked.  It had two rows, one before the other.  Along the second row were large steel pillars.  Above the pillars sat the black auto-guns.  The auto-guns fired a second time.  The bullets raced into the field within the gates.  Seconds before they fell, Erik saw the infected.  The pitiful cocoon’s of the hybrid Meningitis bacterial infection. 

“It was supposed to be a cure,” Erik thought to himself.  “This should have never happened.” 

Erik then watched as the bullets struck the infected and they fell.  The auto-guns were not accurate and a couple began to stand back up.  An argument broke out from within the tent near the gate.  A loud crash and then Erikson exited the tent.

“Alright,” The Sergeant began again.  “This isn’t that hard men!  I need three volunteers.”

The formation of guards mumbled and looked at each other.  Erik grew up in Ransom and so did most of these men.  The unease of capital punishment had disappeared after years of fighting but it was now unspoken as were many other moral values.

“Group attention” shouted the Sergeant.  The formation snapped forward.  Voices silent and all movement stopped.  “I will volunteer three of you if I do not get any candidates.  Take charge of your future men.  Do not allow me to do it.”

Three men volunteered and the Sergeant separated them from the formation.  Three more volunteered and stood behind the first three.  This continued till there were seven groups of three guards.

Sean Baker jerked the leather restrains that bound his hands behind him.  The guards stared at him. 

“Sean stop,” Sean’s older brother Andrew finally said after the guards began to step forward. “You are going to get us killed before we have any chance to get out of this.”

“Are you kidding?”  Sean growled.  “Do you think we are going to get out of this?”

“Listen, we have been in worse situations, right?”

Sean stood silent.

“Up north three days ago, when we were trapped in the basement of that movie theater, remember? You were balling the entire time.”

“There were vampires in that church, Andrew.  What the hell else was I supposed to do?”

“You are a hunter, Sean.  The vampire got close and you turned into a pussy.”

“Shut the hell up.”

“No wait, Sean.  Listen.  We walked out of that theater.  Those blood suck’n bitches didn’t even know we were there.  Brother we got this.”

The first set of guards stepped forward.  The Sergeant called out the name of five prisoners.

“Harry White, Christopher Kim, Steven Summers, Bernie Platon and Christopher Rickket.”

Harry White stepped forward.  The guard released Harry White from the leather restraints and the chain.  They placed him within a circle of three guards.  Christopher Kim was next and allowed the guards to release him.  He was then placed next to Harry White.  The old white man standing next to Erik stepped back when the guards approached. 

“Steve Summers, step forward.” 

 “Let my daughter go,” shouted the older man. 

“I can’t do that,” replied the guard as he reached for the older man.  Steve Summers stepped back again and caused Erik to fall backward into the fence.  He fell hard along with several other prisoners.  The guard stepped forward and grabbed Steve Summers. 

“Wait…Wait,” shouted the Sergeant as he grabbed the guard by the shoulders.  

“Place Steve Summers with his family.  There are a few basic rights left in the territory.”  The Sergeant found another name and placed Alice Owens in the first group.  Bernie Platon and Christopher Rickket stepped forward without issue.  The first five stepped forward, followed by the guards.  The large metal gate opened and the first group stepped into the prison.


The grass on the other side of the steel, razor wire fence was waist high.  Three hundred yards from the gate sat several abandoned cars.  The cars sat still in the grass stuck either coming or going.  The city of Ransom stood behind the cars.  The small high rise buildings hovered over the landscape.  The blacked out windows repelled any person within their right mind.

The first group of prisoners moved past the gate and it began to close.  The guard in front walked as the other two followed to the rear and side of the five-person group.  Small movements within the grass brought on jerky movements as the guards tried to stay alert.

“Kali Summers, Steve Summers, Andrea Summers, Leslie Brown and Nicholas Emmett,” shouted the Sergeant.  The Summers family stepped forward.  Kali, stood at the front as the guards removed the restraints.  A clumsy guard dropped a restraint and Leslie Brown bolted past the others.  She disappeared behind a truck.  Two guards captured her within moment and returned her back to the group.

The gate opened for the second group as the first set of guards stepped back into the outside world.  The second group stepped into the prison the same as the first.  The original group of five stood fifty yards from the gate.  The first guard slowed.  He knew the danger of putting too many prisoners together.  The human mob mentality was just as dangerous as the infected.  He didn’t want to speak a word, preferring to wave at the other group but they stood, terrified, in the middle of the path.

Finally, the guard shouted.  “Move”

Within moments hands burst from the grass beside them.  Other infected began to stand.  Screams bellowed from everywhere as Christopher Kim and Leslie Brown were dragged into the tall grass.  The guards fired into the infected that stood and then into the ground as they turned and ran back toward the gate.  Several of the prisoners followed but stopped after guards fired over their heads.  The second group spreading out and then joined the first group toward the broken city of Ransom.

“I don’t want to go in there,” shouted Sean Baker as he stood behind Erik.  Sean shouted till a guard approached.  The guard wasted no time and struck Sean with the butt of his rifle.  Sean coughed and moaned.  

“Let’s just get this done!” Erik heard the sergeant shout.  The guards unbound the remaining prisoners.  They surrounded the group of ten and pushed them forward.  The gate opened and the guards fired into the grass.  The others in the first group had disappeared.  Erik, Sean and Andrew stood in the middle of the group trying to stay on their feet as the guards pushed them hard through the gate.

The guards in front stepped to the side and the group stepped through the gate.  Within moments the infected appeared within the tall grass.  The guards pushed the small crowd forward as the infected stepped closer.  The prisoners near the front of the group began to panic and peeled from the makeshift circle and ran toward the gate.  The guards shouted as they approached.  They rushed to close the gate.  Several prisoners screamed as the exit closed.  The rest of the group stood within a hungry horde of infected.

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