The Beginning

Posted: October 16, 2013 in City of Zombies
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The Army pushed and shoved the infected toward the center of the Northeastern Territory.  Years prior Ransom began building a wall to keep the infected out.  The program failed miserably as the infected filed in from outside the city.  The infection turned everyone into animals.  The sweetest children into monsters and the adults into violent psycopaths.  Ransom had become ground zero for the territory leaders experiment with containing the infection.

The Northeastern Territory Guard swept into Ransom and locked it  down.  They completed the security perimeter after two weeks of beating back of waves of walking dead.  The wall then contained the monsters within the city and became an example to cities around the world.  Years after the completion of the wall death squads collected the infected secured within the walls.  Trucks packed with the infected began coming from outside of the city.  Many times, miles from the city, a contractor would pay to dispose of the infected.  Within months a new industry was created.  Other cities began to build walled cities.  The industry of shipping infected dried up quickly and Ransom was largely abandoned.  The gates and the city then beacon for shady business.  The mob and the new city of Anderson often sentenced individuals to death within the city.

Anderson had grown large due to the transporation of the infected.  Bars, entertainment and tourism became staples of the city but also crime.  Once the income began to diappear Anderson fell to a collection of mob bosses.  These bosses began to enforce the rules within the city through squads of Enforcers.  The Enforcers drove around the city collecting debts, terrorized residence and whatever riff raff seemed to be around to take the punishment.

Erik slept most nights under the First street bridge.  Death layered hopelessness weighed down upon him as thoughts of his family played through slowly.  He had grew up within Ransom but now lived in Anderson.  The bridge consealed him from most of the issues above in the city.  Occasionally, he would then lie upon the grass and stare at the stars till he fell asleep.  He was alone in every sense of the word.

The infection took his children and his wife early within the campaign to push the infected to the city.  Erik worked at the Holy Cross Research center when the infected overwhelemed downtown Ransom.  His youngest daughter was one of the first taken, then his oldest.  His wife fell just before they escaped from the city.  Erik watched as others dragged him away from the infected.  Erik broke, as did many others but they recovered eventually.  Erik did not.

That was nearly four years prior to the day the Enforcers took Erik to the wall.

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